adidas Originals Yung-96

The adidas Originals Yung-96 is adidas‘ new silhouette and it stands for a casual Style, an expressive style, for your style. Like the adidas Originals Falcon, the adidas Originals Yung-96 is inspired by the adidas Falcon Dorf, too. If you take a closer look, you will see similarity. The differences are small, like the three stripes on the side of the adidas Originals Yung-96, which aren’t on the Falcon. The sneaker strongly reminds you of 90s running shoes. Despite its chunky midsole the Yung-96 is still looking sporty and its shape is just right – this is how the shape of a runner should look like. The Yung-96 is like the Yung-1 part of adidas new Yung series.