AFEW Orange Koi

In time for the annual collaboration in honor of the “Japan-Tag” AFEW will kick off the „Year of the Orange Koi” 2018.

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After the release of our “Year of the Orange Koi” Capsule Collection with HEIMPLANET in spring, we are now bringing our second big collaboration with the Orange Koi to you. This time we teamed up with BEAMS from Japan and ASICS – the result is the AFEW X BEAMS X ASICS GEL-LYTE III “Orange Koi”. And to match the sneaker we have suitable AFEW X BEAMS apparel.

For everyone who is not familiar with the symbolism behind the Koi, here is a quick summary: Due to its shiny and glistening appearance, the Koi fish is a symbol of luck, wealth and success. As well as values such as strength, endurance and aspiration are linked to the Koi fish due to its shape and its capability to swim upstream. Especially the orange koi is one of the most special subspecies and has a high priority in the Japanese culture.