Air Jordan 8 Retro

The Air Jordan 8 was launched in 1993 and once again had a new design and also a new concept. Because the Air Jordan 8 was the first Jordan Sneaker without the Nike logo.

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Designer Tinker Hatfield was sure in 1993 that the Air Jordan brand was strong enough to do without the swoosh. From a design point of view, the buckles on the laces are definitely noticeable. The crossing buckles were also called the "bunny ears" by many. For the release of the Air Jordan 8, Nike had a commercial shot with Michael Jordan and Bugs Bunny. This commercial caused a big stir, as the real world was mixed with the cartoon characters. The shoe itself also had some new features besides the buckles. For example, elements from the Nike Air Huarache were adopted, such as the ankle sleeve. Another special feature is the Air Jordan logo on the terry tongue.