Helly Hansen

Helly Hansen is celebrating his 140th birthday in 2017. Since 1877, the brand has not only been trusted on all seven oceans, but also enjoys a distinctive reputation in the fashion world. Consciously or unconsciously, Helly Hansen is most likely associated with the US rapper Xzibit. Who would not have always wanted the sailing jacket from his video to the world famous Paparazzi. Was the rapper aware of his early 2000s Influencer Marketing? We’ll never know. What is certain, however, is that from then on the Helly Hansen Brand was also safe in the fashion world next to Action sports. With the collection for the round birthday, the brand with the sailing ship makes the cult revive. Not only is the legendary Sailing Jacket back on the market, along with a complete Heritage Line. The Reversible Puffer Jacket comes as well as the Pile Fleece Zipper and the legendary Crewnecks. To end it with the words of X to the Z: Sometimes I wonder if it's all worth my while Xzibit stay versatile with million dollar lifestyle