Hummel Marathona

The Hummel Marathona is a retro running sneaker we all imagine when it comes to this type of style. The sneaker has a classic running silhouette and has all the features of a runner.

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Although the Hummel Marathona looks like a retro runner, its history is much younger than you would expect. The sneaker was inspired by the styles and shapes of the 70s, but first appeared in the 2010s. Nevertheless, we would put the Marathona in the category of retro runners. In addition to the aesthetics, the designers at Hummel also paid attention to the use of the right materials. So the Marathona comes with leather and mesh, just as we like to see on retro runners! A simple silhouette that pays homage to the early days of running sneaker history.

AFEW x Hummel Marathona "Stay Foolish"

AFEW x Hummel Marathona "Stay Foolish"

In 2019 we start the year with our collaboration with Hummel and created the AFEW x Hummel Marathona "Stay Foolish". The classic and simple design of the Hummel Marathon fits perfectly with the theme "Stay Foolish". This is to remind us of the carefree time as children. It also reflects a part of the AFEW philosophy, in which we take tasks and projects seriously, but always look at them with a playing eye and implement them. Therefore, the AFEW x Hummel Marathona "Stay Foolish" has a very playful Colorway, which is not childish.