Hummel Power Play

First known as Messmer & Co., the Hummel brand itself has over 90 years of history. Founded by Albert Messmer and Michael Ludwig Messmer In Hamburg, Germany, the label is now based in Aarhus, Denmark.

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Consequently, it has made an impact in sports, in a global scale, establishing itself as one of the most competitive brands nowadays. The Hummel Power Play is just that: a first-class heritage sneaker that sports an undisputed tennis vibe.

From its buttery premium suede uppers to the remarkable full grain and conscientious vegan leather constructions, the original and immensely trendy Hummel Power Play sneaker has returned with a fresh take on the earlier designs from the 80’s and 90’s. They have arrived with an array of colourways to choose from, ready to be a part of any contemporary wardrobe. The 90 plus years of history that Hummel is known for is reflected across this low-top tennis inspired silhouette: the panels, the stiches and the flat all-gum sole also contribute to making the Hummel Power Play a must have archive-sneaker.