Hummel Reach LX6000 Archive

The all-new Reach LX6000 Archive - Hummel presents a modern silhouette that combines the sporty DNA of the Danes with futuristic design. This runner is sporty and fashionable at the same time and meets exactly the spirit of the times.

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For the Hummel Reach LX6000 the Danes have brought in reinforcements from their own country. Designer Astrid Andersen created the latest silhouette for Hummel, which is a fusion of retro design and the aesthetics of new sneakers. Like her clothes, the Hummel Reach LX6000 is kept very minimalistic despite its sporty shape. This is also shown in the choice of materials. The mix of classic and modern fabrics for the upper give the LX6000 exactly the style that fits into today's zeitgeist. The shape of the sneaker is very sleek. Therefore, it is designed very wedge-shaped, which only underlines the sporty style even more.