Le Coq Sportif R800

The Le Coq Sportif was first released in 1991, and after its release in the 1990s, fans of the Silhouette had to wait a full 13 years for a retro. Then, in 2014 the R800 finally came back.

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The Le Coq Sportif is a 90s runner just as you would expect it to be - sporty, sleek, colorful. The upper comes with mesh, leather and nylon. Besides the famous cock on the side of the sneaker, one of the special features is the swinging mudguard. Since the sneaker released on the market in 1991 as a real running sneaker, it has of course the technique build-in. The Le Coq Sportifs Dynactif System is used for the cushioning. This system absorbs impact and releases the power while rolling. This gives you a bouncy feeling.

AFEW x 24 Kilates x DJ Rafik „Crane Network“

AFEW x 24 Kilates x DJ Rafik „Crane Network“

Together with the guys from 24 Kilates and our good friend DJ Rafik, we created the "Crane Network" in 2017. The "Crane Network" is about the celebration culture of the different cities - Barcelona, Bangkok and Düsseldorf. In 2019 the project entered the 2nd round, where we additionally teamed up with Le Coq Sportif and pinqponq. On this occasion it was also possible for us to design another Le Coq Sportif silhouette. The choice fell on the R800. According to the project we kept the sneaker black and grey. Red, beige and turquoise serve as accent colors. Besides the fact that we could make a collaboration with Le Coq Sportif, we were also allowed to replace the famous rooster with our crane. This patch can be found on the inside of the sneaker. Additionally, the R800 "Crane Network" belongs to the Made in France series, of which Le Coq Sportif only has selected styles made in their home country.