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Nike Air Max 2 Light

The revolutionary running sneaker! 1994 Nike released the successor of the Nike Air Max 2 – the Nike Air Max 2 Light. This time with more air, and more air means less weight and more comfort. Because of that, many runners liked that sneaker a lot. To make this sneaker as light as possible, they used Phylon, which was compressed under heat and expanded again. After the success of the Nike Air Max 93 and its big 270° air window, Nike almost adopt this visual characteristic 1 to 1. And years before “Tuned Air” the air window was divided in three parts. The two, which are under the foot has 5 PSI pressure. The outer Air Window in contrast has 25 PSI. The harder air bubble contains more stability. And in the front sole there is an build-in technology, which is now known as Nike Zoom.