Nike Air Max Deluxe

After 97 and 98 comes 99. But not in this case. In 1999 the Nike Air Max Deluxe had its first appearance and not like its older brother, it is not named by the release year. Just like the Nike Air Max 98, it shares the same sole and air system from the Nike Air Max 97. With this design, it looks more like the Air Max 97 due to its wavy streamline upper and the clean look. Another characteristics are the unique colorways of this running sneaker. The comeback of this classic late 90s sneaker just comes right on time. Till 2018 there was no re-release of the Air max Deluxe. And for everyone who thinks that the Air Max 97 and 98 looks to boring, this Nike Air Max Deluxe is your go-to sneaker. This sneaker is a real eyecatcher and if you don’t want to wait 19 years again for its retro, you should probably cop one of these now!