Nike Dunk Disrupt

The Nike Dunk is an icon and has significantly influenced the sneaker scene. Now comes a new version of the legendary silhouette. A women's model with the name: Nike Dunk Disrupt.

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Exclusively for women, the original silhouette of the Nike Dunk has been reworked and refined with new design elements. One special feature about the Nike Dunk Disrupt is definitely the eye-catching sole, which has been made wider and bigger. This clearly follows the design of platform sneakers, so the otherwise simple Nike Dunk gets a feminine look. This is further enhanced by the enlarged elements on the upper material. So the swoosh is much bigger and the general shape of the sneaker is higher and "chunkier" than the original. Nevertheless the Nike Dunk Disrupt doesn't have to hide from its big brother, because the enlarged design is more than successful.