Nike Tailwind

The Nike Air Tailwind was released in 1979 and was the very first style that was equipped with the famous Air cushioning. This technology was founded by Frank Rudy, who worked as an aerospace specialist for the NASA before he starts his career for Nike.

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His idea was to put an air pocket inside the sole to increase the cushioning. Nike immediately took the idea, and this was the birth of Nike Air. But before the major release in 1979, Nike released a limited quantity in Hawaii ahead of the 1978 Honolulu Marathon. The Nike Air Tailwind sold out within a few weeks. 1979 Nike decided to have a major release for the Tailwind. The air pocket helps you to reduce shocks when your heel hits the ground. In addition, it gives you more comfort and spares your joints. Many more Nike Air Tailwind style followed in the past years. And of course, all of them are equipped with Nike Air.

Together with sneaker review legend Brad Hall and Zuna from the KMN Gang we have shot a spot for the comeback of the Nike Air Tailwind IV. The story is a tribute to the 80s movie "Big" with Tom Hanks.