Nike Waffle Racer

The Nike Waffle Racer not only has a sole that looks like a waffle, but the shoe is literally made in a waffle iron. Sounds crazy, but those were the tools that Nike co-founder Bill Bowerman had at home back then.

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When young Bill Bowerman was looking for a way to make a sole with more grip and comfort, his wife's waffle iron came to his mind. Shortly after his brainstorming, the waffle iron no longer formed fresh batter into waffles, but plastic into new innovative outsoles. The idea with the waffle iron was the solution for a sole that has grip and is comfortable. Until then, other running shoes had spikes under the soles, but these did not offer much comfort. When the Nike Waffle Racer was released in 1973, runners were thrilled. With this running shoe it was no problem to run on asphalt, grass or on track. The Nike Waffle Racer and Mrs. Bowerman's waffle iron were the starting point for the Nike brand we know today. But the waffle sole is not only found on the Waffle Racer. Models like the revolutionary Nike Air Tailwind, the Nike Air Max and many other silhouettes are based on the Waffle Sole. Next time you eat a waffle, think of Bill Bowerman and his creativity.