PRO Keds

Pro-Keds belongs since its establishment in year 1949 to the classics in the sneaker scene and became a symbol of self-confidence, a conviction that simplicity is the purest form of sophistication. George Mikan, also known as the “Big Man” presented the brand to the world. Many more famous basketball players like Jo Jo White, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Nate “Tiny” Archibald also wore Pro-Keds on the court. Shoes, that firstly have been targeted for the basketball market, the brand expanded soon to various sports like baseball, football, tennis and track and field. The shoe became a commercial style and was mostly worn by NBA basketball players and gained huge popularity in the sneaker scene. All models possess shock-absorbent support and cushioning techniques and are branded with the significant red/blue powerstripes. As the brand received cult status, NY´s Hip-Hop community acknowledged the Pro-Keds shoe as the first real sneaker. Today, Pro-Keds focuses on its classic styles and uses contemporary colors and materials. The Royal Lo is one of these classics. With a timeless design, formidable materials and countless color combinations, this shoe is the figurehead of the brand. The wide range of products also offers the Royal Lo Camo and the Royal Lo Cordura. All models are also available as a high top version.