Puma Ralph Sampson

The Puma Ralph Sampson is as the name suggests a signature sneaker of former NBA pro Ralph Sampson. Optically the basketball shoe resembles the Puma Basket or the other known lowtop sneaker by Puma.

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However, the padding of the high model is much thicker at the ankles and therefore offers better grip - like a real basketball shoe. Nevertheless, the Puma Ralph Sampson not only great looking on court, but also fits your casual outfit as well. Streetwear brands like Chinatown Market have already made a collab sneaker on this silhouette. The Puma Ralph Sampson embodies exactly the classic sneaker for a casual but not too sporty look.

Ralph Sampson was an NBA pro at the Houston Rockets. During his first professional season he won the title "Rookie of the Year" and was drafted to the NBA All-Star Games four times between 1984 and 1987. The 2.24 m man ended his career in the 94-95 season at Rockford Lightning after twelve years of playing.