Reebok Aztrek

The Reebok Aztrek is not only a beautiful retro runner, but also embodies the hype of jogging in the 90s. Equipped with style and running technology, the Reebok Aztrek is the perfect go-to sneaker for casual outfits.

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The Reebok Aztrek has its comeback and recalls its glorious days in the 90s. And it comes right on time. It has every characteristic of a 2018 sneaker: 90s retro runner, chunky shape and comfy. Its comfort comes from the Hexalite-Technology, which is inspired by the honeycomb pattern. A hexagon is one of the most stable shape and it absorbs shocks easily. Another interesting fact is that the colorways are inspired by the 90s PC wallpaper and arcade system, at least for the OGs. Although the Reebok Aztrek has a big midsole it is very wedge-shaped. And that’s how we like our runners!