Reebok Classic Leather Legacy

Believe it or not, Reebok (J.W. Foster, back then) has been around since the 1890s. Founded by Joseph William Foster in Bolton, United Kingdom, the brand is known to be the creator of the earliest spiked running shoes. 

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Focused on developing athletic footwear, its name is inspired by the Grey Rhebok, an antelope from South Africa. By the late 70s, the brand hit US stores and started producing clothing and accessories.

Reebok’s legacy kept on growing, save for a few exceptions during their extensive timeline, up until now. This is where the Reebok Classic Leather Legacy comes in, mashing up the past and future into one remarkable silhouette, merging all the 70s look you would expect together with a contemporary style. Its vintage feel remains intact, displaying serrated side-stripes with contrasting bold colours. Likewise, the Classic Leather Legacy sits atop a featherweight die-cut EVA midsole, delivering cloud-like comfort as well as a rubber outsole for extra grip.

Genuinely speaking, apart from showing its breathable features, this is a pair that condenses all the elements of a performance shoe, however, it can be casually worn, blending into any type of wardrobe.