adidas Performance EQT

The Adidas Equipment line is the most traditional and diverse of the 3-Stripes. The designers for the EQT series always bring new and different models on the market, paired with various clothing lines to the matching shoes. Outstanding is that the new models always remind significantly of the EQT look, even if there are many futuristic details built in. An indication for the recognition value of the line is the clever colour dropping. Until the very end, all Adidas Equipment models were equipped with at least one green detail. Since 2016 this idea has been revised and the new significant colour is now an infrared. The art of the EQT line is to combine old models with technically innovative materials like Primeknit or BOOST - but always under the premise to never let the own roots out of sight. With so much tradition in the series it is clear that some Adidas shoes have also been created that are not part of the EQT line but whose designers have been inspired by a model from the series. The Adidas Equipment Series is a role model for many other emerging Adidas models, and has always stood for timeless shoes since its release in the 90s.  Translated with (free version)