Gift card

25.00 €

The gift card will be sent by e-mail within 24 hours after receipt of payment.

Who doesn't know it? It's the girlfriend's or boyfriend's birthday, you want to give shoes as a present - but which ones might appeal? You find the right shoe, but what size was she or he or again? Many questions over and over again, but to relieve you of this decision and to save you from days of brooding, we make it easy for you. Whether it's a Nike Air Max 1 or Adidas Ultra Boost... simply give away one of our vouchers. So you are definitely on the safe side and avoid any embarrassment.

And to take even more load off you or the person you are giving the present, you can easily redeem the gift vouchers in the store as well as in the online shop.

And this is how it works

  1. Order the voucher in our online shop or come by our store.
  2. Pay the amount.
  3. If we have received the money you will get the voucher code by email. The code can then be redeemed in the online shop or store.

The vouchers have unlimited validity and are not exchangeable for cash.