ON Running

The On shoes are not only known for their unique design, but also for their comfortable fit. That’s because of the build-in CloudTec-technology. The patented cushioning system reduces the impact while running and provides an explosive bounce.

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ON Running

The result is a unique running feeling that feels very comfortable and light. You could also say that with On shoes on feet, it is like walking on clouds.

Their special technology is clearly visible on the shoes. The many chambers have become the trademark and distinguishing feature of the shoes. The small "U" chambers, or "clouds", not only absorb the shocks while walking, but also transfer the power sideways. The resulting force is then returned to the "clouds". The result is an explosive feeling when lifting the foot. This also ensures that the On shoes touch the ground for a shorter time than other running shoes.

On was founded in 2010 by former professional sportsman Oliver Bernhard and his friends David Allemann and Caspar Coppetti in Zurich. The running enthusiasts set themselves the goal of developing a running shoe with the perfect running feeling. The basic concept was always: a cushioned landing and a powerful kick. Many prototypes were developed and tested until On found the right technology.

Meanwhile On equips several athletes and has established itself as a running shoe brand as well as a lifestyle brand. On offers you the right shoe for almost every situation.