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VEJA is Portuguese and stands for “look“ – And the Veja sneakers are a real eyecatcher! Stylish and simple. But not just look at the sneakers, look what is behind the production and the philosophy of the two founders. “Look! – but also look beyond“.

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In 2005 the two Frenchmen Sébastien Kopp und François-Ghislain Morillion wanted to make their own sneakers but the following values are very important for them and should be included in their business: fair trade, sustainability, design and transparency.

To guarantee sustainability, the two were looking for the perfect suppliers, which can produce sustainably and ecological materials for their sneakers. All these requirements were found in Brazil. Rubber trees from the amazon for the sole, cotton from the north-east brazil and plastic bottles from the streets of Rio and São Paolo for engineering recycled mesh. Every component comes from organic farming and is sustained.

The “os franceses locos“ - “the crazy Frenchmen“  - how the two founders were called by some of the residents were able to recreate sneakers in “a new way“ with their brand Veja. Not only the sneakers itself are made sustained, also the electricity which powers the factory. Veja wants us to sensitize our consciousness for the environment with a product we all know and love.

veja sneaker leather

Veja Leather

The leather used for the upper has its origin in the south of Brazil. Why exactly from the south? In Brazil many farms are overexploited. As a result, a lot of rainforest is cut down. But not for the farms in the south of the country. Besides the certainty that no rainforests are cut down for the Veja sneakers, there are regular controls during the processing of the leather. This ensures that no toxic chemicals are used when tanning the leather. Since 2013, fish leather is also used for some models. These come from fish farming, which would therefore have no use and end up in the waste.