Autry Action Shoes

Autry sneakers are known for their retro look and the timeless sports style of the 80s. The flat sneaker fits almost every outfit, whether casual or casual-chic.

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These sneakers embody the charm of the 80s. That’s because Autry was founded in 1982 in Texas, USA. Autry became known as "the shoe with the American flag". Since the brand was founded, only a few style were sold but only one last - the Autry Medalist. The Medalist is a simple and timeless sneaker. The low-top leather sneaker comes with a simple sole without any fuss. The Medalist was developed as a sneaker all-rounder and should cover the areas of tennis, running and aerobics. In terms of design, the Autry Medalist is based on a classic tennis shoe. The perforated toebox and the simple design of the sides provide the sporty vintage look. To emphasize the vintage vibe, the midsole is (almost) in an off-white color. Thanks to the timeless design the Autry Sneakers are easy to combine and a perfect sneaker for any collection.