ASICS Sportstyle GEL-BND

The ASICS Sportstyle GLE-BND is a sporty runner from the 90s. Many elements of the original 1998 model were taken for the retro style.

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Originally, the ASICS GEL-BND was developed for triathletes. The thick midsole with ASICS famous GEL technology gives the wearer exactly the cushioning and comfort that is needed. In addition, the sole, which is thick as well as wide, provides lateral support and stability when running. The upper has a material mix of leather and mesh, which is perfect for air circulation in the shoe, but also gives enough stability. This mix of technology and sporty style make the ASICS GEL-BND the perfect everyday sneaker without sacrificing comfort. For fans of the 90's aesthetics, this sneaker is just the right silhouette for you.