hummel is a Danish sportswear manufacturer and was founded in 1923 by Albert Messmer. hummel has a long tradition and originally started with the production of football cleats.

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Until today hummel has grown into a world famous brand that produces lifestyle and sports fashion in addition to sportswear. But the path to this goal was very difficult for the brand. Because during World War II their factory in Hamburg was almost completely destroyed. Fortunately, an investor took over the brand in 1956 and moved production to Kevelaer. From then on, Hummel also became more and more involved in the sport of handball, which enabled the brand to significantly increase its awareness once again. Nowadays many people associate the brand with handball more than with football. But also runners, like the hummel Marathona, were produced in the course of time. Due to its long tradition hummel also has some nice retros, which appear again and again.

AFEW x hummel Marathona "Stay Foolish"

AFEW x hummel Marathona "Stay Foolish"

In 2019 we had the honor to create a sneaker together with hummel. The theme of the sneaker was "Stay Foolish" and the silhouette was the Marathona. So, we created the AFEW x hummel Marathona "Stay Foolish". "Stay Foolish" is not only, related to the project, a motto that accompanies us. "Stay Foolish" is an omnipresent lifestyle with us at AFEW. We take our projects seriously, but we also let our playfulness play a part in them. With this philosophy the Runner was born. The colors have a slight playfulness and remind us of our childhood days. Nevertheless, the Colorway is not too bright and underlines the retro running silhouette. The upper material is made of soft nubuck, just like you know it from hummel. As a special feature the sneaker comes with a small writing pad, where you can write down your childhood wishes. This list was also printed at the same time on the insoles of the Marathona.