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Hummel aims to design, produce and market sport and fashion products, containing the unique hummel heritage. It began in year 1923 when the young shoemaker Albert Messmer was developing one of the first versions of a football shoe with cleat. Over the years, hummel has closed contracts with big football teams. Most known are Benfica Lissabon, Tottenham Hotspur, Real Madrid and the Danish national football team. Because of that, the brand quickly gained a high profile. Originally, Hummel was active in the football market but now focuses on handball. The Brand covers the whole sports fashion and fashion area. From functional t-shirts to jackets and balls, Hummel covers all areas of sport, lifestyle and training. The brand wins over with unique designs and a continuous focus on storytelling. Trademarks are consecutive printed angles. Hummel also covers the sneaker area. Presenting shoes with plain, contemporary designs and high wear comfort.