Lacoste has probably created one of the most famous logos with their green crocodile. The French brand has its origins in tennis, where it is still represented today. Beyond sports, Lacoste also became a lifestyle and fashion brand.

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Lacoste was founded in 1933 by the Frenchman René Lacoste. Within a very short time his brand has grown to France's largest manufacturer of knitwear. Because for the tennis sport Lacoste produced the famous shirts with the crocodile on the chest. The crocodile was chosen as the logo due to the fact that René was called "the crocodile" by his friends on the court. The French brand has been known for decades for its quality and stylish design. In order to enlarge their assortment, Lacoste also selling apparel, perfume, accessories and sneakers.

Styles like the Lacoste G80 or the T-Clip are classic tennis silhouettes with a wide and flat midsole. The mix of premium leather and a simple, timeless design make the Lacoste Sneakers a casual sneaker for every occasion.