adidas Originals 4D

The adidas 4D unites ultimate comfort, precise damping and stabilazing TPU. Just feel the comfort of a 4D intermediate brine with breathing upper and innovative lacing system.

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adidas Originals 4D

Created in partnership with a California-based tech firm, the 4D has been described by adidas as the first performance footwear made with Digital Light Synthesis. But what exactly is Digital Light Synthesis?

The Digital Light Synthesis technology uses light and oxygen permeable optics to craft a 3D object, and then a thermal baking step to achieve the desired properties. While the process of creating a 4D sole is definitely complex, it can be simplified by explaining it as the transition from a liquid to a solid as a result of chemical curing, not so dissimilar from how concrete is made.

Thanks to the innovative process, adidas was able to try over 50 different lattices for the midsole before settling on the current design. Given these many samples, adidas was able to test midsole performance in the design stage as well, making prototyping virtually obsolete.