adidas Originals Home of Classics

adidas Originals Home of Classics - Made with care, worn without. These sneakers are also manufactured according to this motto. Especially for the Home of Classics series Adidas uses premium leather for the upper. 

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This makes the sneakers more robust and rugged. The intention of the Home of Classics collection is to wear the sneakers! With every wrinkle that is added, a new story is told. In the Home of Classics collection you will find adidas Originals classics and new models. The light and cream tones make the sneakers to a stylish everyday-shoe, which are easy to combine with your outfits.

On tour in Berlin with OG Keemo and Funkvater Frank. We equipped the two boys with the new adidas Originals Supercourt from the "Home of Classics" series and accompanied them for one day. During this time we visited a painting course with them, tested the shoes outdoors and of course talked about rap and hip-hop. They also told us about their lives and OG Keemo showed us one of his talents besides rapping.