adidas Originals NMD

Inspired by the path with an eye to the future. This is the device of Adidas NMD. The design of the Adidas NMD fits perfect for the urban jungle without any borders. A mix of the best DNA out of the Adidas Archive which contains three icons. 

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adidas Originals NMD

The Combination from Micro engineered Boost and Primeknit upper speaks for itself. The result is an entirely new silhouette, elaborate by the pioneers from Herzogenaurach straight out their own Adidas archive. Its testimonial came from the styles of the Micro Pacer, The Rising Star and Boston super which combined stands for the Modern World. The Most Wanted Products came together to be a part of the forward looking workmanship of Adidas. A technical Runner implemented for Lifestyle, born as NMD in Shape. Different angles and materials to stand on the iconic Color Blocked Midsole. Pure Dynamic to be a part of the Future. That’s what NMD stands for. The Adidas NMD Midsole consist of the Boost System which is produced out of squeezed EVA pellets. This creates a durable, shock-resistant. responsive sole. The Flyknit upper boasting new levels of flexibility, stability and strength. Born from the past, ready for the Future. This is Adidas NMD.

Adidas Rising Star

The History of the NMD starts with the Rising Star

The Adidas Rising Star was released in 1984 for the first time by the brand with three stripes. Just like the Adidas Fire, the Rising Star also featured the interchangeable Cushioning- and Stability Blocks in the midsole. The designers at Herzogenaurach took inspiration from the striking design and combined the blocks with the futuristic Boost Midsole. Not like the NMD Collection, which features a Primeknit Upper the Rising star had a Kangaroo Leather Upper.

Adidas Micropacer


Just like the Adidas Rising Star, the Adidas Micropacer was released in 1984 for the first time. The Micropacer was the worldwide first running shoe that featured a micro-computer and had the ability to track the average speed as well as the distance. But the futuristic runner was not special because of the micro-computer, but also because of its legendary & flashy silver/blue colorway. Since its first release around 30years ago the Micropacer got reissued a couple times and was also featured in the limited Consortium Collection by Neighborhood & Undefeated.

Adidas Boston Super


The Adidas Boston Super was created especially for the 1984 Marathon in Boston and featured just like today an robust suede / nylon upper. Back then the shoe was seen as one of the best long distance running shoes, through its great cushioning and stability. In 2014 Adidas Originals has re-released the Runner once again.

Adidas BOOST System

The BOOST system

Adidas revolutionized the running experience with the BOOST System. Squeezed EVA Balls formed to the BOOST Midsole do that work. They save the Energy between the performance and give them away during impetus, just between the rolling motion. Due to that the Adidas BOOST System giving you that cloud feeling based on the cushioning. The BOOST outsole creates a durable, shock-resistant and responsive Midsole. It doesn’t matter if you wear them for the performance or just for Lifestyle. The BOOST sole by Adidas lines up perfectly into the forward-looking industry of Adidas.

Adidas Primeknit


The Adidas Primeknit Technology has developed into one of the most important technology Adidas has developed in recent years. Since it was presented for the first time at the Olympic Games 2012 for the first time the Material has not just found extreme good feedback in the Performance Sports section but has also become one of the most successful uppers for Adidas Originals. So now Adidas has combined the Primeknit Upper with the BOOST Midsole Technology to create the NMD Collection.

Adidas NMD R1


The Adidas NMD R1 was the first NMD from Adidas. With the Primeknit and Boost Sole is the shoe the perfect candidate for your newest all day sneaker. Also, the shoe features the famous 3 stripes at the side of the shoe. The outstanding shape shines finally when you wear your Adidas NMD R1 on feet. You can’t hate the shoe, it looks too good on your feet!

Adidas NMD XR1


The smaller brother of the NMD R1 is the Adidas NMD XR1. The biggest difference between those 2 shoes is the Cage, which is featured at the XR1 in the area of the lacing system. It’s a good answer from Adidas for the bad voices against the two long laces. The shape is as good as at the NMD R1, seems even better trough the new cage at the shoe. After minutes we loved the new, more futuristic Adidas NMD XR1!



The NMD City Sock is very different to the NMD R1. The CS has no laces and is more like a Mid-top shoe. Its not as much like a running shoe like the other NMD’s. Additional is there a loop at the heel for easier stepping and out of the shoe. The Shape is NMD-Like undefeated! Not a shoe for everyone, but a high quality alternative for the R1 and to other Mid Top Modells at the market. We like!