adidas Originals Samba

The adidas Originals Samba has certainly become one of the most famous silhouettes ever. A classic among sneakers and also one of Adidas' bestsellers.

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In the 1940s, the Dassler brothers worked on a soccer shoe for the cold season, in order to have a shoe for icy and slippery conditions. Years later, in 1950, the adidas Originals Samba was launched as a result. There is no doubt that the design clearly shows the origin of football. To guarantee the robustness and durability for kicking the ball, Adidas originally used kangaroo leather for the upper. In the meantime, the upper of the Adidas Originals Samba was replaced by full-grain-leather. However, there are some special models that pay homage to the OG pair and are therefore made of kangaroo leather. But one thing is certain about the Samba: the shoe still fulfills its purpose as a cleat. This is impressive, as many retro sneakers are no longer used for their original purpose, but at the same time they are outdated. As a result, silhouettes like the Stan Smith have become lifestyle icons. But the adidas Originals Samba manages the balancing act between sport and lifestyle. The shoe got attention mainly through the "Terrace" scene, a fashion-conscious subculture of the fan culture of football. So it's no wonder that Samba is one of Adidas' bestsellers after the Stan Smith.