adidas Originals SL 72

The adidas Originals SL 72 was designed and launched on the occasion of the 1972 Olympic game in Munich. The SL 72 was not, like most Adidas shoes at that time, primarily developed for sports, but was intended to be a sports shoe for leisure. Nevertheless, the SL 72 has...

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The SL is an abbreviation and stands for "super light". And that is exactly what the sneaker is. Due to the Nylon Upper the sneaker has hardly any weight and also provides fresh air. The adidas Originals SL 72 was mainly known as a podium shoe. Many Adidas athletes came to the podium ceremony with the SL 72 on their feet instead of their usual sports shoes. But the big hype of the sneaker only came in the 80s. With the huge Adidas Superstar Hype, triggered by Run DMC, the general interest in Adidas sneakers also increased. The fans were especially looking for old running sneakers and came across the adidas Originals SL 72.

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