The ASICS GEL-LYTE OG was introduced to the Running World in 1987, a long time before other well known models like the GEL-LYTE III or the GEL-LYTE V appeared. For the market launch there were only two colorways, „Black/Orange“ & „Blue/Yellow“. The GEL-LYTE by ASICS SportStyle was one of the...

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The Name “GEL-LYTE” refers to the very low weight, which at that time, set new standards in the development of shoes. The GEL-LYTE OG acts more like a traditional running shoe, in relation to the GEL-LYTE III with its splitted Tongue, or the wider Heel of the GEL-LYTE V. It is also clear that the following models were inspired by the OG, be it in the material, in the shape or in the design. ASICS SportStyle retros show how advanced Asics has been conceived and we can look forward to how the GEL-LYTE OG will continue in the coming years. One thing is already certain, the Sneaker culture needs precisely these OGs, because these are at least the origin of our culture.