Converse JP OX

Believe it or not, Converse had started by producing galoshes back in 1908. It was not until 1915 that the company took a turn and started to look more closely at athletic footwear, still focusing on raw material / rubber.

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Quite a few models are known by most aficionados, but there is one that deserves the spotlight: the Converse Jack Purcell a.k.a. the Converse JP OX. Dating back to 1935, when it was first introduced, the Converse JP was originally made for badminton. Even if considered to be Converse’s underdog, the Jack Purcell has withstood the test of time. Just like its big brother, the Chuck Taylor, it has been shifting in-between sports and underground cultural movements. The Converse JP OX displays all the original characteristics and specs, however with small, contemporary and innovative features; 18 to be specific, from durable and polished metal eyelets to reinforced no-slip canvas heel counter that enhance overall durability. Originally designed by the man himself, John Edward "Jack" Purcell, the Converse JP OX is still a beloved silhouette.