Converse Pro Leather

If you are looking for a simple and high-quality sneaker, the Converse Pro Leather is the right choice. This silhouette is timeless and simple and embodies the charm of the 70s. No matter if as high top or low version - with the Converse Pro Leather you won't go wrong.

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Who also did not go wrong was the former NBA superstar Erving. Because in the late 70s he was the face of the Converse Pro Leather. The sneaker was released in 1976 and dominated the NBA from that time on. On many feet of the players you could see the Pro Leather. Above all, as already mentioned, Julius Erving alias Dr. J. His athletic and spectacular style of play was new and extraordinary at that time. In many pictures of the former NBA star you can see the Converse Pro Leather again and again. Besides the popularity on the field, the popularity of the sneaker outside of basketball increased at the same time. Because of its wide sole and robustness, the Pro Leather was also worn by skateboarders and was also popular in hip-hop and streetwear. So, it is no wonder that brands like Patta, Bodega, or CLOT have also immortalized this silhouette.