Diadora Mi Basket

As designers started to apply Italian taste and sleek aesthetics to athletic sport shoes during the 80’s, the Diadora Mi Basket became very well known as the official shoes of the Milan basketball team, back in 1984. 

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By highlighting every technical aspect of their own creations, Diadora itself has collaborated and been involved with many different sports since its origins, dating back to 1948. The Diadora Mi Basket is one of many technical sneakers, however developed only in 1984 with one specific target in mind: the Milan basketball team. The silhouette is a synonym of superior quality and craftsmanship. Dressed up in super-fine full-grain leather, the Mi Basket sports a padded collar, as well as a cushioned footbed, for obvious reasons. Moreover, its vintage look and feel is also present due to its cleverly aged elements. Underneath, its rubber outsole provides remarkable grip on the hardwood. Besides its high-top model, Diadora also offers a low-top version of the Mi Basket.