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Diadora N9000

The most known shoe of the Diadora family is the Diadora N9000. The shoe has a nice shape and features awesome materials – most of the N9000 are made in Italy and you can expect high quality.

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The shoe has Diadora brandings on the tongue, the heel, on the midsole and the classic Diadora stripes along the side. The shoe is available in lots of different materials and styles, for Diadora is only the sky the limit. The Diadora N9000 is one of the most beloved Collabo shoes at the sneaker market because you have so much different stuff and materials you can choose during the process. Also, we as AFEW STORE were allowed to create a colorway on this silhouette. The result was the AFEW x Diadora N9000 "Highly Addictive NYC" - an exclusive sneaker that could only be purchased from us and from SNS in New York City.