Diadora V7000

The Diadora V7000 is another interesting model of the Italian brand. The outstanding shape is featured by a lot of nice elements and materials.

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The classic shoe straight out the 90’s is only 290 grams heavy. In case Diadora use different materials it is possible, that the shoe is a little more heavy. Most of the V7000-shoes are made in Italy, so the designer can choose easily what materials they want to use. A dream for every collaboration partner. 2017 we were blessed to design the V7000 „Highly Addictive“ and at the release we had a blast. Thank you for your awesome feedback. In the following part of the Page we will show you another very successful collaboration. Check it out. But please do not reduce the V7000 on the collaborations. There are also a couple of inline products with awesome colorways and materials. You can't pass this superb sneaker and you better stay tuned for upcoming releases of the Diadora V7000.