Ewing Athletics

Ewing Athletics was founded by the well-known basketball star Patrick Ewing from the 90s. The brand stands for basketball but now also streetwear at its finest. Ewing Athletics primarily manufactures sneakers and T-shirts that stand out by their explicit branding. They are colorful, classic, have clear shapes and you can see the high-quality workmanship at first glance.

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Ewing Athletics

In the 1980s many basketball players received their own shoe model from companies - so the signature basketball shoe was born. But in 1989 Patrick Ewing took it one step further, becoming the first pro player who have had his own shoe company.
The most beloved player in New York basketball history, Ewing was voted as one of the 50 greatest players of all time, Rookie of the Year 1989, 11 time All-Star, two time Olympic Gold Medalist and finally, being voted into the Basketball Hall of Fame in 2008. 

As you can see Patrick Ewings way of life was a way of success and it didn't end with his shoe brand, Ewing Athletics.
The first main release of the company was the 33 HI, a top seller that was indispensable in the streets of NYC.

Over the time, the company was rapidly expanding to include all types of footwear, not just the same models that Ewing wore in games. There were other models of Ewing Athletics to buy for the crowds: team basketball shoes, cross trainers, running shoes and even hiking boots.
The apparel line grew as well and enlarges the product range. Ewing Athletics even sponsored some European League basketball teams, making their uniforms for them.

In the 2000's as the Internet Age dawned, there became a huge online cult following and demand increased for vintage Ewing shoes from all over the world and in 2012 Patrick relaunched Ewing Athletics to great success. Years later the first independent basketball brand is still in the game and celebrates sucess after sucess.

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