Mizuno Wave Rider

Released back in 1998 the Mizuno Wave River celebrates its big comeback. Back in the days the Wave Rider 1 was equipped with the unique Wave Rider cushioning, which is still used in some of Mizuno’s sneakers. There is literally a “wave” build inside the midsole, which expands while the...

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With the comeback of the OG Wave Rider 1, Mizuno also introduces their new sneaker category: Sportstyle. This new line shows us Mizuno’s more than 100-year experience of craftsmanship and innovative technologies, and their very own interpretation of sneakers. Just right for 2018, Mizuno combines comfy performance cushioning with modern-looking sneaker-designs. Over the years, more Wave Riders were released that were only made for performance. Despite its sporty design, or just because of it, the Wave Rider always find their way into the fashion and Streetwear culture. With the combination of comfort and style Mizuno does it all right.