Nike Air Foamposite

The Nike Air Foamposite is one of the most legendary basketball-shoes on the sneaker market. When it was released first, back in 1997, the material of the Foamposite was way better than most of the other shoes. It was more light and durable than anything else. The shoe was designed for Basketball...

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It was his unofficial signature shoe. The Foamposite has the Air-System inside the Sole, so it reduces every step and makes it very comfortable, to walk in Foamposites. The Upper is based on Posite-material, and looks, because of the Plastic-optic, usually a little shiny. You can print every motive on the Foamposite upper, so you can find a lot of different styles on top of the shoe. You have to differentiate between the Nike Air Foamposite One and the Nike Air Foamposite Pro. The most significant difference between both shoes is the Swoosh at the side of the shoe. At the Foamposite One, there is just a mini swoosh next to the toebox. The Foamposite One is printed with bigger Swoosh at the side of the shoe. For a couple of years, the materials are revolutionized and the Foamposite is no more a high-class basketball shoe. But the shoe looks even better outside the court. In irregular intervals, Nike releases Foamposite in limited quantities.