Nike Air Max 90

The Air Max 90 was first released in 1990. The biggest difference to his predecessors, for example the air max 1, is, that there is more volume in the shoe and the more packed Air Bubble.

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Nike Air Max 90

The reason to install it was, to give the shoe more comfort than before. Originally, Nike planned to release the Air Max 90 as a running shoe – with the years it developed to one of the most important shoes for the Streetwear Community. There were a lot of materials and colorways in the last years on the upper of the Air Max 90 – and it’s for sure, that Nike will have a lot of new ideas for the Air Max 90 in the next months as well.

Together with the German rap star Reezy and Bugatti Düsseldorf we organized a photo shooting for the Nike Air Max 90 "New Species".

In honour of the Nike Air Max 90 and the release of the Nike Air Max90 "Viotech" we travelled to London and talked about the influence of the Air Max 90 in England and London.

We built the ultimate sneaker box on the occasion of the Nike Air Max Day 2020! We asked you guys what features your ideal sneaker box should have. The answers told us to make something that resists wind and weather, is sustainable and ecofriendly.

As the result we bring you the AFEW Duck Camo Boat!