Nike Air Presto

Nike presents the Air Presto with a special slogan: “The tee for your feet” – and there are not only the unusual sizes like S, M and L who are like an item of clothing. The shoe fits perfect and is flexible – like a good Tee. The dynamic Upper in elastic mesh or neoprene cares for a perfect fit and works superbly with the notches along the outsole. You get natural mobility. They were a lot of skeptic people when the shoe was presented first in the early 2000’s. But Nike was able to make them quieter and a quitter and the Presto used to be more and more successful. For the upcoming collections, Nike will release the Presto with a lot of different colorways and materials. Now there is a Flyknit version of the shoe, and there will be also a Presto with a leather upper. Stay tuned for more information!