Puma Disc

In 1992 Puma revolutionized the running shoe-market. The innovative Disc-System was the new alternative to the classic laces. The Disc-System uses a Disc on the top of the tongue. When you turn it, the Nylon threads make the shoe loosely or thin. You can decide for yourself, how you want to wear the shoe. The futuristic Puma Disc is part of the Puma Trinomic-Family. Since the release in the nineties, the Puma Disc was released in a lot of different colorways and materials and is one of the most beloved shoes for collaborations, for example with the Atmos Store from Tokyo. The newest version of the Puma Disc is the Puma Disc 89 – the fusion of the Puma Disc Blaze and the Puma R698. It combines the pros of both shoes on one sneaker: The lightweight upper of the R698 and the futuristic Disc-technology of the Disc Blaze. All of the sneakers are in a couple of different versions available in our store. Check it out and follow our newsletter, to be the first with new informations about upcoming releases. In February 2015 was the release of the Puma Disc Blaze “The Sun and the Moon” as a collaboration with the Tokyo based Sneakerstore Atmos. The shoe had a black uppers that featured by orange und purple parts on the tongue and sole of the shoe. Also, there is a sprinkled midsole and shines, like the outsole, in green by darkness. A perfect homage for the motto “The sun and the Moon”.