Reebok Classic Leather

It is the Runnig legend from Reebok: The Reebok Classic Leather. The US-American Brand has setted a huge monument with the Classic – and its growing and growing. The release was in 1987, it was the first casual running shoe and till today, the Classic is one of the most...

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Nowadays, most oft the people are using the Reebok Classic as an Lifestyle Shoe – and its still looking pretty good! One oft he reasons for the huge succes is the soft Leatherupper. It gives you a high comfort inside the shoe and makes it to your new all day Sneaker. While the US guys where rocking the Nike Air Force 1 or the Adidas Superstar, the Brit-Hoppers only wore the Reebok Classic. Nearly every British Guy, who prefers Graffiti and HipHop wore a pair of the Classic Leather! Meanwhile, the shoe makes another step into the right lane: In 2015 it gains to one of the most popular shoes for womans. Especially the Collaboration with the Beautybrand „Face Stockholm“ was a reason for a lot of Bloggers, to present the Reebok Classic Leather.