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Veja V-10

Veja translates to “look”, in Portuguese. Hence, the brand looks closely at every single detail, from the production mapping to the final product, ensuring financial security to all producers along the supply chain. The silhouette is built only using sustainable and eco-friendly materials.

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V-10 stands for 10 years of love and the 10th anniversary of the brand. Originally released in the year of 2015, the upper is cotton coated with PU and resin from corn waste industry. Since then Veja is also offering leather versions of the V-10. On this iteration the rubber is sourced in Porto Alegre, Brazil, for the insole and the midsole. On the other hand, the lining uses sustainable cotton and recycled polyester. A detail worth mentioning is the perforated toebox in most variations, giving the V-10 a classic sneaker look.