Nike Air Max Day 2020

We built the ultimate sneaker box on the occasion of the Nike Air Max Day 2020! We asked you guys what features your ideal sneaker box should have. The answers told us to make something that resists wind and weather, is sustainable and ecofriendly.

As the result we bring you the AFEW Duck Camo Boat!

It has all the features you’ve asked for. The boat is dressed in duck camo just like the new Nike Air Max 90 colorway and the all-new Air Max 2090. We have reworked the cabin in a way you have never seen before. Inspired by the nature we transformed it into a “sneaker nest”. The fine strips of wooden planks cover the walls and gives the cabin a unique look. And to maneuver the boat the right way, the steering wheel comes with a custom Air Max 90 wooden plate. Just like the infrared Air Window of the OG Air Max 90, the sail comes in the same lovely, famous and loud color.

  • Buy a ticket & get the chance to win the AFEW Duck Camo Boat
  • The boat can only be handed over to the winner in Düsseldorf
  • All the revenue will be donated to Sea-Watch
  • Ticket sale ends on 24th March 23:00h
  • Online event


30 Years after the first release of the Nike Air Max 90, Nike is now presenting us the all-new Air Max 2090. The sneaker has the DNA of the classic runner with the remarkable Air-Window, redesigned in a futuristic silhouette. It comes with a 200% larger Air Bubble than the Air Max 90 and encloses the whole heel area. To keep the bridge between vintage and modern aesthetics, the Air Max 2090 keeps the waffle outsole for the front part. Underneath the black mesh upper you will see a second layer of duck camo neoprene.

Zum AIR MAX 2090


The Nike Air Max 90 also features a duck camo upper and Infrared mesh. But on this sneaker the duck camo is flashing. The side panel and the mudguard are clearly dressed in the wide green and brown spots. The Air Window and the plastic applications are colored in black and gives the sneaker a nice contrast. And just like the application, the famous cropped swoosh on the Air Max 90 comes in black but with a nice snakeskin structure.

Zum AIR MAX 90

How to win

The sailing boat isn’t just for the looks. You have the chance to win this unique boat.

How to win the AFEW Duck Camo Boat?

Buy a ticket on Eventbrite for our Online-Event. With the purchase of the ticket, you’ll automatically participate on the online raffle for the AFEW Nike Air Max Day Boat. At the same time, all the revenue of the ticket sales will be donating to the Sea-Watch foundation.


Sea-Watch was founded in 2015. Their mission is to rescue people in flight on the Mediterranean Sea. Sea-Watch, as a non-profit organization, is financed by donations. If you want to donate more, please check out their website for more information.

View Sea-Watch Website
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