adidas Originals SL Series

The entirety of the adidas Originals SL Series has dominated the terrace-scene. Now, all silhouettes have been revamped and updated. Nevertheless, the “Super Light” Series are forever linked with the Munich Olympics back in the 70’s.

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From the SL72 to the SL76 or even the SL80, the Three-Stripes have always been one step ahead of the game. Yet, let us start from the very beginning. The SL72 was originally debuted during the ‘72 Munich Olympics, often seen on the podium. The “Super Light” was what every single runner craved: a combination of nylon and suede – it is like heaven for your feet. As time goes by, the SL73 is released, and thereby hangs a tale. The adidas Originals SL Series nods to all its ancestors, even the most recent and retro-ed creations. Having gained a cult following over the years, these retro runners’ terrace-like sneakers achieved an emblematic status. Do yourself a favour – go get one.