Nike Air Max

The Nike Air Max series is one of the most important ones for sneaker history. The first release of an Air Max was back in 1987 when Nike released the Air Max 1.

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Nike Air Max

The most significant part of the shoe was, that you can see the air-system inside the sole trough a little window. Even today its the most important part of the series and you will never see any Air Max without a visible Air-System. From time to time they used different materials for different Air Max shoes, for example, Flyknit or Hyperfuse for the upper, but they always kept it traditional and they never swept the basic ID of the shoes. The Air system is visible! The most important shoes of the series are the Air Max 1, sometimes also called Air Max 87, Air Max 2, Air Max 90, Air Max 95, Air Max 97, Air Max 98 and the Air Max Zero, the one before the One. Besides those superstars they created in all those years so many different outstanding models, and we are pretty sure that you can find one, that you would love to wear. Air Max is for everyone. So better be quick and safe your size of your favorite model at our onlineshop or at our Store in Düsseldorf.

Nike Air Max 1 OG

Nike Air Max 1

Designed by Tinker Hatfield and released on March 26th of 1987, the Air Max 1 is one of the most recognizable sneakers in the world. It was the first time ever Nike showcased its famous Air-Technology in form of the Air-Bubble. From collaborations to underground iterations, a true staple was born. The Air came to replace traditional EVA midsoles, even though Air technology, back then, was not totally new, debuted first-hand with the Nike Tailwind. Apart from its dominant and incomparable Centre Pompidou-inspired design, the AM1 is still, as of today, breathable and flexible.

Nike Air Max 90 OG Infrared

Nike Air Max 90

Second to none, if you take out the Air Max Light, the Nike Air Max 90 (originally dubbed Air Max 3) was released in 1990. Right in between many different colourways and collaborations, the “Infrared” remains right at the top, still breaking necks. After 30 years of its original release, the AM90 is still monumental. Its stunning design is just the tip of the iceberg. “More air equals higher performance” – what this means is quite simple: increased comfort. In fact, even if built for the tracks, the sneakers were truly embraced by Hip Hop / Britpop culture.

Nike Air Max 180 OG Ultramarine

Nike Air Max 180

Some think that Tinker Hatfield designed the Nike Air Max 180. Well, that is only half-true. Bruce Kilgore, the mind behind the Air Force 1 was also involved. Released in 1991, this silhouette has one very distinct detail: the “Air” of the 180 was the first one ever to make direct contact with the ground. Unfortunately, it did not catch on straight away. From Kanye West to Opium Paris to Comme des Garçons, the Nike Air Max 180 has become more and more popular throughout the years among collectors.

Nike Air Max 95 OG Neon

Nike Air Max 95

As if all the other Air Max were not enough, Nike decided to go one step further. For the first time ever, the Nike Air Max 95 featured visible Air in the forefoot. More than 20 years have passed since they were originally released, though it remains one of the boldest and favourite silhouettes of all time. Sergio Lozano, part of the ACG crew, brought his expertise in Industrial Design to create a technical runner that shook the market during the mid-90’s. Inspired by human anatomy, the Air Max 95 shows layered panels, resembling muscles, fibres and flesh. Moreover, the eyelets coincided with ribs and the over-sized midsole with the spine.

Nike Air Max 97 OG Silver Bullet

Nike Air Max 97

Debuted two years after the Air Max 95, the Nike Air Max 97 caused small revolution in footwear. At that time, visible Air Units were no surprise anymore, but the ending result of this sneaker was rather astonishing – full-length Air unit. We have certainly seen many colourways and collaborations, from Virgil Abloh to Undefeated, even hybrid iterations like the Sean Wotherspoon Air Max 1/97. Guess what, nothing beats the original Silver Bullet.

Nike Air Max 98 OG Gundam

Nike Air Max 98

Nodding to his big brother, the Nike Air Max 98 was unfortunately not as impactful as the Air Max 97. Aesthetically speaking, we all see many similarities, from its full-length Air unit to its sharp upper. However, the Nike Air Max 98 was as hyped as it’s bigger brother. Missing all the clean lines of the Air Max 97, Sergio Lozano was tried something different. Everything was quickly forgotten, until recent times. Ironically, with the return of the Gundam and after a Supreme collaboration, the Air Max 98 barely hit sales rack again.

Nike Air Max 360

Nike Air Max 360

After Air technology was released among countless models throughout the world, Nike decided that “normal” was not enough. Released in 2006, the Air Max 360 had one particular and important detail – you guessed it, 360 degrees of Air. Back then, it was considered a technological breakthrough, paying homage to the AM1 due to its original colourway. To make it stick, the AM360 was also released in two other OG colourways – green/yellow for the AM95 and silver for the AM97. Known for their longevity, comfort and breathability, it is almost impossible to come across a good condition pair nowadays.

Nike Air Vapormax

Nike Air Vapormax

Considered the pinnacle of Air, the Nike Air Vapormax blends performance with modern aesthetics. As a matter of fact, it took 7 years to produce. Undoubtedly, we have witness throughout the years a great amount of Air Max models. Release after release, Oregon’s finest had one thing in mind: more Air. The Vapormax is just the opposite, where the sole targets less Air, for once, becoming more efficient when on feet. Complemented with Flyknit technology during its original debut, replacing stitched or glued parts, they are known to be super lightweight.

Nike Air Max 270

Nike Air Max 270

It is all about current demands, and the Nike Air Max 270 is just that. Built for everyday wear, the AM270 is the first Air Max that is 100% for lifestyle. Inspired by the Air Max 93 and the Air Max 180, the silhouette displays the tallest Air-bubble yet (32mm), delivering the softest ride you ever had. Even though they may not be everyone’s cup of tea, they sure are a success.

Nike Air Max 720

Nike Air Max 720

The Nike Air Max 720 – a statement on feet. Well, its puffed-up Air midsole makes sure we get that idea, loud and clear. Consequently, outstanding colourways were released in a very short amount of time. These were solely engineered for steps rather than strides, maximizing bouncing and comfort. In addition, as nature and organic-like ideas and productions are now trendy, the Swoosh decided to use more than 75% of recycled manufacturing waste to build the 720’s midsole.

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