Nike Air Max Plus

The Nike Air Max Plus has not only been a technical revolution at Nike, but it is also probably one of the most eye-catching designs. Thanks to the herringbone pattern the Nike Air Max Plus is also known as the “Shark Nike”.

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When the Nike Air Max Plus was released in 1998, designer Sean McDowell didn't realize that he had created an icon. Designed as a ruining shoe, the Nike Air Plus is the first Nike sneaker to feature the famous Tuned Air technology. Tuned Air was a new technology that provided more comfort and cushioning. To achieve this, Nike built so-called "hemispheres" - small half-spheres - into the Air unit, which better cushion the impact and allow the forefoot to roll more smoothly. McDowell took inspiration for the unique design from the Florida beach. The lines on the upper, which are reminiscent of gills or fishbones, are actually inspired by the waving palm trees on the beach. That's why the OG colorways also come in color combinations that strongly resemble a sunset.