Air Jordan Zoom 92

In 2020, the Jordan Brand shows us a whole new silhouette - the Air Jordan Zoom 92. A new style that combines the vibe of the 90's, inspired by three iconic Air Jordan and Nike models.

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The Air Jordan Zoom 92 combines three styles that were also on the rise in 1992 - the Air Jordan VII, Nike Air Max 180 and Nike Air Force 5. The inspiration the designers took is unmistakable. The Air Jordan Zoom 92 not only incorporates details, shapes and elements, but also reinterprets them and fuses them with modern design. The result is a new basketball silhouette made for the court, but also for the street. This sneaker is also not hiding its built-in tech, you can see it. On the front foot you will see the Air Max 180 inspired Air-Zoom-Bubble. This system is well proven and can be found in many other performance basketball shoes from Nike and Air Jordan. And the 92 is not just a reference to the sneakers of the time. The number is also a reference to the 1992 Dream Team. In addition, the heel of the Air Jordan Zoom 92 features the number 9, the same number that Michael Jordan wore at the 1992 Barcelona Olympics.