Nike VaporMax

The Nike Air Vapormax is the first Air Max with a completed, visible cushioning. Also is the Vapormax the lightest and flexible Air Max of all time. Nike always had the dream to create a completely visible air bubble and now after 30 years of Air, they did it with the Vapormax. Because 30 years ago the Air Max 1 entered the world of running sports. The first-ever running shoe with a visible cushioning, in the form of an air bubble. Since then the design changed a lot with a lot of new features, but the tradition was always kept alive. All of the released Nike Air Vapormax came with the patent Flyknit upper, which ensures a tight and perfect fit. Through the Flywire lacing the safe hold and stability are guaranteed. The rubber outsole comes with rubber which is great to get a perfect durability. With the Nike Air Vapormax, Nike heralds a new era of innovation, considering that the final result took more than 7 years. But it was worth the waiting, just because you get that walk on air feeling once you’ve tried them on. With that much innovation and an all-new technology, we are more than excited to see what the future of the Vapormax will bring. And only if its about new material like suede and mesh or colors far away from black or white. In our shop, you will find the Nike Air Vapormax for women and men.